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Locations: West Midlands & Worcestershire​

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about us

Coopers Troopers is a new boot camp looking at changing lives one person at a time at various park locations. Coopers Troopers Instructors have two things in common, they are extremely passionate and highly qualified. We are committed to supporting all individuals of all abilities to achieve their fitness goals, through well developed fitness sessions with a military style. Coopers Troopers is not just for the hardcore member, we have three ability levels to suit your needs whether you are a novice couch to 5k or an experienced exerciser. 


Just like the military Coopers Troopers Bootcamp uses what ever is available - benches, walls, tyres, body weight exercises and partner work, nothing overly complicated, just easy to do and fast to instruct so that you're never standing still for too long. You will be doing things such as squats, press-ups, sit-ups, sprints and burpees. Most exercises are body weight but we do also use equipment such as logs, tyres and stretchers all of which will leave you feeling worked. Come rain or shine we work outdoors in all weather which adds another element to your workout and offers more than the traditional gym style training.


Not only will a Coopers Troopers Bootcamp burn up to 900 calories it will also improve your health, fitness and strength and provides a mental health boost beyond that of an indoor gym.