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I just wanted to let you all know that someone nominated Coopers Troopers Bootcamp to SME News for the UK Enterprise Awards (which we appreciate very much). In February (on my birthday) they contacted me and informed me that after conducting research that Coopers Troopers Bootcamp had made it through to the short list and I needed to send some information through.

This was around the time that we were finding out that the parks maybe closed down so I had explained what Coopers Troopers Bootcamp had already achieved, with member numbers and having ex military instructors working with us to deliver the best outdoor bootcamps possible and explained my plan of action for when the parks get closed down, explaining how we would go to online sessions.

Since being online our social media presence has been amazing with videos reaching between 3k - 6k people per video which is just awesome and shows the support we have from the members that share them.

Today I was lucky enough to receive an email from SME News informing me that Coopers Troopers Bootcamp has been awarded the SME News Enterprising Start Up Award!!!! 👏 💪

I want to thank every single member as without you none of this would have been achieved so thank you all and a massive thank you to the person that nominated Coopers Troopers Bootcamp for the award.

Let’s smash the rest of 2020 out the park!!!

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