Below are some testimonials from members that have trained with Coopers Troopers Bootcamp. Their abilities vary and their fitness goals differ from each other but we hope that you read them and see that there is no goal that we can not help you achieve!

Testimonial 1

“I had a number of sessions with Coopers Troopers Bootcamp. Their sessions were well planned and tailored to my individual needs and goals. They pushed me incredibly hard to do things I didn’t think I was capable of but they always believed in my abilities and was always proved right! I always ended the sessions with a bright red face! Proof of effort on my part and encouragement by Dan! Sessions were fun but we achieved a lot, my fitness improved by the week in measurable ways. I would wholeheartedly recommend sessions with Coopers Troopers Bootcamp if you want to improve your fitness, have fun and gain a skill set you can use to maintain your fitness between sessions." Penny

Testimonial 2

"Coopers Troopers Bootcamp sessions are always varied and focus on strength and stamina training. There’s also lots of team work and a bit of healthy competition to push you that bit further. Overall a fantastic and positive instructor who makes the sessions enjoyable." Ruth

Testimonial 3

“Coopers Troopers brings a passion and zest to their sessions that instill a desire to work hard and improve. Their capability to motivate you, when you think you simply can’t push any further, is profound. The sessions are always well planned and clearly thought through, with logical transitions from one exercise to another, providing a solid exercise regimen. The sessions are the right mix of fun and hard work. In a relatively short space of time, using their training sessions I saw a measurable improvement in my overall physical fitness and body composition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Coopers Troopers Bootcamp" Adam

Testimonial 4

"Coopers Troopers Bootcamp has a way of pushing you further and getting more from you than you thought you could do. Their sessions are tough but more importantly, they are fun. He has a wonderful way of getting people to work together in teams towards their own personal goals." Dave

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