Why CTB ?

Coopers Troopers Bootcamp offers individuals the opportunity to work with experienced, qualified fitness professionals to provide all members with fitness classes aimed at all abilities. The sessions are designed to work you at your ability whilst sessions are fun and interactive. At Coopers Troopers we understand that training is difficult so we aim to make Coopers Troopers a sociable place to be, so that it never feels like a chore to turn up and work hard. Feel free to come down and try a session on us!

Coopers Troopers Bootcamp

With Ex-military personnel teaching the classes you are guaranteed a session that will make you work as hard as you can within your limitations. There are three different ability groups to accommodate all individuals from your novice couch to 5k all the way up to individuals looking to run marathons and ultra marathons. 

The sessions are designed for individuals to meet new people and experience a more social vibe rather then the traditional gym experience. We train in all weather conditions and never ask people to do something we would not be prepared to do ourselves, whether that is crawling in mud or running with equipment. Coopers Troopers is devoted to building relationships with the members and we often organise social events both fitness related and non fitness related. The best training is always balanced with lifestyle.

Group Running
Coopers Troopers Runclub 


Coopers Troopers runclub can accomplish many goals for a individual; whilst they bring people together, both seasoned and newer runners. They create a social atmosphere for the group that supports a runner's training needs, and more. Coopers Troopers Run club is designed for all abilities and is there to help you achieve your running goals whilst taking in some lovely sites around the area.